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Controlled Chaos - Ocean

Controlled Chaos - Ocean

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Controlled Chaos is a flexible tray that allows you to set your powder containers on it and dip for easy clean up when jars are too full or you spill.
It features an egg-like shape with a small spout on one end to assist in ease of pouring back into almost any container.


Color & Material Description: Ocean is a flexible blue with hint of teal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Flexible tray

I love this tray. I put my jar of dip powder on it and don’t loose any dip or glitters if some gets on the threads or mostly what happens is the jar slips out of my fingers. Or I knock it over. It just pours dips and glitters back in the jars. I like saving all the little bits and pieces of glitter bits.

Controlled chaos

I absolutely love this little guy. Is so easy to use an it catches all your dip that spills an it being flimsy is the best part. Everyone needs these. I only have one so I am definitely going to order some more