Chaotic Collection - Atlantis

Included in this collection:

One Accessory Chaos

One Liquid Chaos

One Flat-out Chaos


Accessory Chaos boasts its sleek design with the versatility to have near you and move around effortlessly. This comes in all available colors to choose from.

Liquid Chaos boasts its sleek design and angle for ease of use using any liquids and getting that last drop! Its singular design allows you to move around if needed.

Flat-Out Chaos is a flat tray with raised sides and an angled front lip. This offers versatility in all of your dipping and organizational needs. 


Color & Material Description: Atlantis is a premium, shimmery, sparkly, purple to teal color that shifts between each depending on its angle and lighting. 

*Note: Items staged in holders and tray are not included with purchase*

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