Chaotic Divide - Blurple Galaxy

Chaotic Divide is a drawer insert designed to keep your collection in place when you open the drawer! No more sliding and shifting! 


They come in three sizes: 

Full: this is the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Unit specs:

L  294mm  W 130mm  H 26mm

Halves: This set of two of these equal the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Each individual (1/2) unit specs:

L 147mm   W 130mm  H 26mm

Thirds: This set of three equals the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Each individual (1/3) unit specs: 

L 99mm    W 130mm   H 26mm


The depth of the drawer is 4 items deep. 



Color & Material Description: Blurple Galaxy is an ultra premium translucent  material, which gradually shifts between pink, purple and blue. It has subtle glitter and shimmer throughout that guarantees each piece will be as unique and beautiful as your mani.

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