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Chaotic Divide - Mermaid Shimmer

Chaotic Divide - Mermaid Shimmer

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Chaotic Divide is a drawer insert designed to keep your collection in place when you open the drawer! No more sliding and shifting! 


They come in three sizes: 

Full: this is the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Unit specs:

L  294mm  W 130mm  H 26mm

Halves: This set of two of these equal the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Each individual (1/2) unit specs:

L 147mm   W 130mm  H 26mm

Thirds: This set of three equals the width of a basic Ikea Alex drawer. 

Each individual (1/3) unit specs: 

L 99mm    W 130mm   H 26mm


The depth of the drawer is 4 items deep. 



Color & Material Description: Mermaid Shimmer is a premium level tealish with sparkles.

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Customer Reviews

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Christina Estrada

I own a few of these in different colors and I just love all of them. Mermaid shimmer is a beautiful color. The trays are helping my drawers look more organized and it’s so much easier to find what I need.