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Colossal Chaos Organizer - Mermaid Shimmer

Colossal Chaos Organizer - Mermaid Shimmer

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This is the one stop shop for all organizations.

Colossal Chaos Organizer Specs:

Two sized slots for several dip jar variances

Three angled liquid bottle holders

Two accessory slots on the side

Work tray space in the front with angled lip


 *Please note: items staged in holder are not included in purchase.*

Color & Material Description: Mermaid Shimmer is a premium level tealish with sparkles.

Note: This item takes the longest to create and could take longer to ship than a standard shipping time depending on how many outstanding orders there are.

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Customer Reviews

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Definitely recommend

I have the Colossal in Mermaid Shimmer. I named her Caren. She keeps my tools, my powders and my liquids in check. She tells everyone where to sit and stay, and they do.
Joking aside this thing is a game changer for me. I don't have a designated nail station and this makes it so that everything is contained nice and neat in front of me. None of my tools roll away, my jars are snug in place, my liquids are titled at an agle so I get every last drop. The work area in the front also has an angled lip so if you spill your powder you can save it.
100% recommend.